Project Management

High-Velocity Productivity for Project Management Excellence

High-Velocity Productivity (HVP) is a journey of ongoing improvement to achieve execution

In this session Adam describes and illustrates best practices that inform the HVP approach as
well as his own learning and experiences from a Project Management perspective. He
examines how HVP systems and culture drive Project Management Excellence through mastery
of Input Management, Action Management, and Work Management domains. Participants
learn how the Getting Things Done (GTD) framework, Toyota Production System “Rules in Use”,
and Theory of Constraints inform the High-Velocity Productivity mindset.

If you’re a project manager seeking better guidance, navigation, and control of your work, you
will not want to miss this webinar with Adam as he shares his own experiences, combat tactics,
and battle scars from lessons learned along his never-ending journey towards High-Velocity

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"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

- Thomas Edison