Project Management

Business Case

Format: Report

Use this template to provide a detailed business case for your project. Once complete, it will give you a very tangible way to justify your project to executive management and sponsors.

What will you get out of this?

You will know what your goals are, have a way to present them to others and to keep the project focused on acheiving them as you move forward.

Completing the template essentially takes you through a basic (& documented) feasibility analysis. It also provides checkpoint criteria to measure the project's viability as it progresses. 

Note: This template is 65 pages in length and provides example text from a data warehousing project. The template itself, however, it useful for nearly any type of mission-critical large-scale project. 

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Data Warehouse Process


The data I need is out there somewhere, but how do I find it? Data Warehousing provides easy access to the right data at the right time to the right users so that the right business decisions can be made. The Data Warehouse Process is a prescription for identifying strategic business information, collecting it from diverse, enterprise-wide sources, organizing it for instant access to all levels of users according to their specific needs, and implementing the architecture that makes it all possible.

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