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TRACK: Business Driven PMO Setup

Contributed by: Mark Price Perry


This gantthead University Track, Business Driven PMO Setup, is intended for organizations and individuals seeking insights, information, and the subject matter expertise (SME) skills needed in order to set up a business driven PMO or refresh an existing PMO to higher levels of business driven success. 



  • Learning the key principles that are required to ensure a successful, business driven PMO
  • Learning the tell-tale signs of a non-business driven, and usually unsuccessful, PMO
  • Learning the components that comprise the PMO architecture
  • Learning the roadmap for business driven PMO setup
  • Learning the techniques for ensuring the integrity of the project mix of the PMO
  • Learning the techniques for exhibiting and optimizing PMO leadership 


Take this track If you are a...

  • Executive management and the leadership team
  • PMO managers (new or existing)
  • Project managers
  • Project participants
  • Line of business PMO managers and program managers
  • Providers of project management and PMO products, consulting services, and training

Track Study Modules

  1. PMO Mission, Goals, and Objectives: Business Driven vs. Theory Driven PMOs
  2. Managing Projects: Think Process not Methodology
  3. PMO Tools: Establishing an Architecture vs. Implementing a Tool


Track Testing
Each model of this gantthead University Track, Business Driven PMO Setup, provides an end of module test in the form of 20 multiple choice questions and a score of 70% for each module is required to pass. The gantthead PMO team is available and can provide PMO mentoring and assistance through email and the tests for each of the modules can be retaken, if needed, in order to attain a passing grade.

Track Completion
Upon successful completion of this gantthead University Track, Business Driven PMO Setup, as achieved by the passing of each of the module tests, the participant will receive a gantthead Notice of Distinction (NOD) for achievement in Business Driven PMO Setup.

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