Project Management

Interview with Pierre Le Manh​ President and CEO, PMI

April 3, 2024 1:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

Platform: Zoom
Capacity: 5000
Duration: 60 min
Presenters: Lee Lambert, Pierre Le Manh

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**This is not a PDU bearing session**

Join us for an engaging session with Lee Lambert, PMI’s longtime volunteer and a PMI Fellow, as he interviews Pierre Le Manh, President and CEO, PMI. Pierre will share valuable insights and strategies that have led to a surge in member enthusiasm and participation, delve into the cultural values of PMI, revisit the organization's true purpose, and explore the future landscape of project management certifications, community outreach, and global initiatives. This session promises a firsthand look at the dynamic changes within PMI and offers a unique opportunity to connect with the visionary thinking shaping the future of project management.

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding the Catalyst for Member Enthusiasm: Gain insights into the strategies employed to foster increased member enthusiasm and participation within the PMI Community, exploring tangible actions that have contributed to the observed positive shift.

Reinforcing PMI's Mission and Impact: Understand PMI’s new strategy, PMI Next, delving into Pierre's perspective on the true purpose of PMI, emphasizing the organization's commitment to its members and the project management community.

Insights into PMI's Future Initiatives: Explore the anticipated direction of PMI in terms of certification offerings, community building, and global outreach, examining the organization's plans to adapt to the evolving landscape of project management.

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