Project Management

What is a Project?

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A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. The temporary nature of projects indicates that a project has a definite beginning and end. The end is reached when the project’s objectives have been achieved or when the project is terminated because its objectives will not or cannot be met, or when the need for the project no longer exists.

  • Examples of product include: Construction, financial statements or software. Think "tangible".
  • Examples of service include: Employee assistance program, comprehensive training program or claims service. Think "intangible".
  • Examples of result include: Documentation of an on-boarding process. Think "outcome".
  • A project charter is a link between operation and the project. An operation has initiating, planning, executing, and monitoring and controlling process group, but the project has one more process group which is closing.

    Projects have been with us form the beginning of the history. The pyramids and the Great Wall of China were, in their day, of roughly the same dimensions as the Apollo Project to send men to the moon. We use the term project frequently in our daily conversations. A husband, for example, may tell his wife, "My main project for this weekend is to straighten out the garage." Going hunting, building pyramids, and fixing faucets all share certain features that make the projects.

    Projects are temporary in nature. They are not an everyday business process and have definitive start dates and end dates.

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