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Three Testing Factors of Integrity in Project Management and Possible Ways to Manage Them for Success

One of the major challenges in contemporary project management, which is filled with economic volatilities and industry-specific, inherent complexities, is to become truly successful by practicing integrity. This article focuses on three key factors that test the integrity of project organizations and project management practitioners. These three factors, namely, business case for the projects, organization structure and culture, and implications of laws and regulations are chosen here to highlight the importance of the roles of people and the system for practicing integrity. The author also makes some proposals to the project management community and project sponsors in order to strengthen their project management practices and execute projects by upholding integrity.

The objective of this article is to draw attention toward the three main factors that test the integrity of project management practitioners and sponsors in a capital industrial project environment. This article suggests some of the possible ways to encounter those challenging factors and manage them for success. It will be appropriate to refer to a fundamental truth about integrity before we go further.

The famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius, articulated the importance of integrity as:

“The strength of a nation is derived from the integrity of its homes.”

In the …

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