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Challenges with DevOps Projects

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Rajakumar is a Senior Consultant working in a reputed IT company. He has successfully managed multiple customers' strategic projects. He has gained expertise by managing different types of projects including end-to-end Development, Maintenance & Support, Production Support and Hybrid. Currently he is a faculty member in the Project Management Academy. He trains and mentors potential project managers and project leaders in his organization.

DevOps is a buzz word used in the IT industry. Many organizations have started adopting DevOps for their projects. When the business environment demands quicker turnaround time for business needs, approaches like DevOps help organizations meet them.

At the same time, it also introduces additional challenges to project managers. In this article, we discuss what DevOps are--and the additional challenges that need to be handled by PMs when they adopt them in their projects.

Defining DevOps
In the traditional world, when there is a problem in production, the production support team blames the development team, and vice versa. Technology is growing at a faster pace, and business is becoming more complex.

A blaming attitude between teams doesn’t help the customer manage their dynamic demands. Hence, new approaches like DevOps evolved. It was coined first by Patrick Debois in 2009. In this approach, a single team manages both development and production support work.

A key expectation with DevOps is that we need to have continuous development, integration and release. Instead of taking a larger number of requirements and a longer time to implement them in production, in DevOps short and small requirements are taken and implemented quickly. This helps with business value realization by the customer.

If there are any issues in the production system, they are …

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