Project Management

Vision, Vigilance, and Intuitive Judgment in Project Management Processes

Sal Zafar

Leadership skills can be achieved by training and/or education. However, it has been demonstrated that there is a fundamental difference between “a” leader and an effective, high-quality leader. This difference is highlighted by a specific set of leadership skills that are naturally embedded within certain project leaders. These key skills are what make those leaders highly effective compared with other, more ordinary leaders.

This article discusses the three key characteristics of effective project managers’ leadership skill sets and explains how those characteristics fit into the project management process.

Three Key Skill Sets of Effective Project Managers
Effective project managers fully comprehend the four, core aspects of project management:

  1. Effective project managers fully recognize the importance of equipping themselves with key tools and techniques throughout the project life cycle
  2. They consistently adopt and utilize the appropriate skill sets at opportune times
  3. They use effective time-management strategies to produce cost-effective measures and, hence, deliver a quality product or service within the parameters given by clients
  4. They unfailingly demonstrate strong, positive leadership during the project life cycle

In addition to the above, project managers with the highest success rates also learn to develop and …

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