Project Management

Delivering Business Value on Agile Projects

Dina Laresch, PMP

I decided to go on a mission to find the best project management metrics to help teams in my organization deliver business value, iteration after iteration. During this journey, I discovered that metrics must be part of a mindset that focuses on business value.

Since 2011, trends in business analysis show a shift to measuring business value as a key metric for software development teams instead of the traditional on-time and on-budget metrics. In this article, I summarize the results of my research. I show that teams need to specify business value for features and measure the project’s progress based on the business value for completed features. Stakeholders can then understand the team’s progress from a business needs point of view.

What Is Business Value?
According to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, “Business value is a concept that is unique to each organization and includes tangible and intangible elements” (PMI, 2013, p. 530). The guide details as an example, “Value may be created through the management of successful on-going operations” (PMI, 2013, p. 15).

To define business value, it is best to look at it from different players’ perspectives on an agile team. From working on agile projects since 2009, I see each role on the agile team define …

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