Project Management

Insights for Managing Global IT Projects Virtually

The intent of this paper, Insights for Managing Global IT Projects Virtually, is to introduce virtual project management and its benefits to the audience. It offers strategies and tactics to work in a virtual setting and focuses on the following key points:

  • Benefits of virtual project management
  • Conventional wisdom versus diverse ways of conducting virtual project management in the global economy
  • Project management methodology versus System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology
  • The use of the appropriate technology to overcome communication barriers, etc.
  • The importance of financial management for managing projects virtually
  • Project performance reporting in a virtual setting


I was recently asked to manage an international project virtually on a global scale. Obviously, this was an exciting time for me and I looked forward to the challenge, as there were many unknowns to unravel and resolve. Most of my experience was within the “domestic or national” realm with some exposure to virtual teams that were located outside of North America. I also noticed that virtual teams were not always widely accepted on a global scale. This was surprising, especially given the fact that we operate in a global economy. I came to the conclusion that its adoption is limited mainly due to unawareness of its capabilities …

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