Communication Issues and Solutions for Project Implementation

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Do you take communication lightly, when it is the most critical factor in making or breaking a relationship, building trust, advancing an initiative, and implementing a project?

You need to understand the power of communication for building your team with efficient empowerment that helps when facing adversities and challenges in the advancement of projects.

Generally, communication is taken for granted; we assume that everyone knows and understands it because every human being on birth starts life by communicating with a first cry.

Project Communication
You have learned to communicate effectively all through life by transferring information, but this is NOT enough when implementing a project. When communicating on a project, you need information to be in a required format, to the right person, at the right time—which is, essentially, an efficient communication. You need to be able to read your stakeholders and situations to adapt your communication to meet the needs of both the situation and the stakeholder at the same time.

The communication is to be understood as:

  1. Effective communication, only transferring the information as it is
  2. Efficient communication, the information transformed into the right format for use in a needed process, to the right team member, at the right time

The project implementation requires you to deal with …

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