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The success of the project management team is directly linked to the knowledge, skills and abilities of its project manager. A key component to this success is the project manager’s ability to facilitate diverse groups toward discovery or consensus decision making through effective meeting management.

The meeting can occur without the presence of effective meeting management. We have all at one point or another sat in on a meeting that lacked effectiveness. Subconsciously, we recognize when we’re in their presence. We learn what we wouldn’t do if tasked to facilitate. However, this type of learning does not teach us what we should do when we actually facilitate a meeting.

Project managers must possess this critical management skill in order to train their project teams in the effective conduct of meeting planning, management, control and closure. But it can be a challenge. If you polled a group of professionals and asked them to define meetings, you would probably gather a pretty broad spectrum of responses. The one I have heard the most throughout my career, whether entering or leaving meetings, is that they are a complete waste of time. When this belief permeates an organization, stagnation sets in and growth is impacted because meetings are absolutely essential to effective management.

Depending on the complexity of the project and the experience …

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