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How AI Will Transform Project Management

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in the business world. It is already making an impact in sales and marketing technology. How will it transform your project work? Should you be excited or afraid of the implications? As a science fiction fan, I can see exciting possibilities (like data-style androids), disconcerting possibilities (The Matrix, anyone?) and incremental change that is difficult to notice

To help guide you through the transition, here are a few ways you can proactively harness the power of AI for your projects.

1. Launch a sales and marketing AI project. Aside from robots in the manufacturing industry, the most significant AI impact right now has been in the sales and marketing world. For example, sales email automation tools like Quickmail and can detect replies and adjust the follow-up steps of the marketing.

As a project manager, you can lead an implementation project to bring this type of AI to your company. This type of AI is fairly basic because it is based on detecting patterns such as the split testing feature in ClickFunnels. Sales and marketing automation tools are interesting because they are proven, commercially available ways to implement AI in your organization.

Keep in mind that some AI benefits may not be labeled as such. For example, the Facebook advertising engine can “optimize” an ad’s performance …

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