How to Harness AI in Your Organization

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Artificial intelligence products and projects are the next megatrend. In fact, I wrote an article called How AI Will Transform Project Management in May. I’m excited to continue the conversation this month.

Consulting firm PWC estimates that AI’s potential contribution to the world economy by 2030 will exceed $15 trillion. Geographically, North America and China are likely to experience the greatest economic gains. However, that economic growth will also entail some degree of creative destruction in the form of lost jobs.

The most significant change for project managers? There are now AI services, products and capabilities that make AI available “off the shelf.” That means your organization no longer has to develop AI programs from scratch. With that change in mind, consider the following ways you can bring AI to your organization…

1. Improve customer service with chatbot AI. Some project managers tell me that they feel disconnected from the organization’s bottom line. That’s a reality for many technology projects—upgrading a company’s network (or ERP) may be invisible to customers. If you want a new challenge, I suggest looking at chatbots. Here are some of the ways you can use that technology:

  • Website-based chat services: You can install chatbots directly on your company’s website to respond to common…

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