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FrAgile Agile: Agile Transformations Require Change Management

Grace Willis, MBA, SPC4.5, SA, CSM, ICP, CSSGB, PMP

Grace Willis is an agile transformation practitioner.

Definition of FrAgile:
frag·ile ˈfrajəl,ˈfraˌjīl/
(of an object) easily broken or damaged
synonyms: breakable, easily broken

Something is going wrong with business agility in many organizations. It seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and saying they’re “agile,” but in reality they’re just not. By no means am I the first to address this delusion. There is a plethora of articles about failed business agility; however, few identify the culprit as lack of a change management program. A formal agile transformation integrated with a change management program is critical to success.

If you’re a project management practitioner, you’re likely aware that business agility is no longer a new concept. In fact, agile frameworks are fast replacing traditional project management. However, there is a struggle to achieving successful transformations. Yes, many know the buzzwords: the Agile Manifesto, Scrum ceremonies, Kanban, and think they know how to write a user story and so on. Yet true transformations remain elusive and many remain satisfied with mediocrity, often shunning the agile practitioner as a zealot while praising themselves as pragmatists. All the while, time is being wasted and improvements are stunted. You can’t be a little pregnant—either you’re agile or you’re not.

As my …

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