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Security in IT Project Management

A promising entrepreneur fosters a great business idea, gathers funding from several venture capitalists, and builds a good business model with an internet web portal with customer credit card transactions, taking care to protect the customer base.

Unfortunately, sometimes a small bug inadvertently creeps in during design, and presents a vulnerability of credit card data. Before the vulnerability is noticed, crooks (who are unable to produce a business idea or who do not like the perception of hard work) can pounce on this vulnerability to steal the data. How does the entrepreneur feel about losing the customer base and the business they built with their own sweat? In one word, it is “devastating.”

We often hear about a business being attacked or some valuable data being pilfered from a reputed firm. These firms include both the private and public sectors and federal and state governments. And, on occasion, a single individual is exploited for identity theft. Stealing personally identifiable information (PII) and a myriad of other data is becoming alarmingly regular. The dawn of the internet and the so-called “global village” where everything is connected to every other thing has opened the doors to data thieves who hide incognito. Data thieves also hide in a country where they are untraceable or behind a spoofed IP address that cannot be easily …

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