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Project Management – Alternative Lensing

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George Freeman, PMP, is a seasoned IT project manager and leader who has worked in the software industry for nearly four decades, including over 25 years of project management. He has significant experience and expertise in enterprise information systems, data, and business architectures, and is an advocate for “business and technical architectural awareness” among all project team members. Mr. Freeman has international and remote team experience, and has a passion for meta-modeling, domain-driven design, and “all things architecture.”

As seasoned project managers know, there is no such thing as a pristine project, although you can often observe the reflection of one in a well-crafted corporate or governmental narrative. Such is the unfortunate truth in our field, where clandestine realities (i.e., reality gaps) are standard issue. Most of us have met this adversary on the battlefield, where we have deployed our "BoK"-wielding ranks only to find ourselves in an awkward stalemate that makes these clandestine realities our accepted companions.

In my previous article, "Strategic Lessons Learned From a Battle-Hardened Project Manager," I addressed many of these realities through a series of humor-injected lessons and insights, put together to let those who are navigating such domains know that they are not alone. In "Project Management – Alternative Lensing," we accept the dialectic truth that reality gaps exist in almost all project environments, hence the need to create an alternative lens to adjust our view as those environments are unlikely to change.

Warning: If you are looking for a traditional article that would pass muster with project purists then you better not read any further, as the following content may be considered hazardous to your methodological health. However, if you are interested in seeing methodology viewed from challenging …

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