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5 Keys to Successful Strategy Implementation

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Successful strategy implementation in any environment requires that you are aware of the strategy—as well as the mission and vision—and that you gear your work around achieving at least some aspect of its objectives.

You must think strategically—as well as tactically. The key is to ask the right questions, and the best question is simply “Why?” Ultimately, by asking “Why?” you will understand the strategic objectives.

But there are a lot of other challenges to implementing strategy well, and they depend in large part on what you are managing and the environment in which you are managing it. This article looks at strategic implementation from the perspective of four situations in which you might find yourself:

  1. Managing a program – where a subset of the organization’s strategy is implemented in a broad but well-defined initiative.
  2. Managing a project – where a purpose (presumably aligned with a strategic objective) has been created and needs to be delivered within schedule, cost and performance constraints.
  3. Managing a business (whole or in part) – where there are complexities with structuring (or restructuring) in a new strategic direction for a new or modified set of objectives; motivating people may also be a challenge.
  4. Managing a government organization – where there is a plethora of …

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