Project Management

Flex for Success: Case Study on Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Manu Siddharth Paliwal

This study critiques the adoption of various project management methodologies, underpinning assumptions on resource planning and buffer management. The purpose of this study is to introduce a potential aspect of project management into the mainstream that has been deprived of the attention it deserves due to ever-increasing demands to improve system stability, productivity, and utilization.

1. Introduction
Recent trade shows have clearly reinforced that airliners across the globe are up and ready to play the game of meeting the demand-supply challenges of today’s modern world. This readiness is the symbol of how well they are prepared to take the challenges head-on.

But, on the other side, with change happening in technology at an ever-increasing pace and the backlog of the aircraft running at close to a decade, are the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) ready? Another important aspect to this side is the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) services, which impact the availability of existing resources or assets of the airlines, directly affecting the balance sheets.

In this study, a diligent attempt has been made to blend in the relevant concepts of project management and introduce best practices to mitigate potential risks or address identified gaps.

Project management unlocks an ocean of potential that can be tapped to make projects …

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