Project Management

A Client Framework Can Improve Organizational Effectiveness

Jacquelyn O’Connor, PMP

Using a framework to define and structure how your client engagement occurs between service/technology project teams and the business-user organizations will improve your effectiveness and may increase your client satisfaction levels. A framework has the ability to clarify and organize how engagement occurs by defining principles, roles, responsibilities, client expectations, methods of communication, reporting, and evaluation. Establishing a framework with active engagement from senior organization leaders can serve as a tool to bring the team’s vision and alignment together. Rolling out the framework to the organization and building process around how it drives client engagement activities allows for consistency and shared purpose across all employees.

There are several established frameworks for managing projects that teams use to ensure the project is well planned and executed and meets the intended objectives. These frameworks provide project teams with a roadmap along the way to follow and make project management a discipline that can be understood and provide clarity. Stepping back from specific projects and considering how that same concept of discipline and clarity could benefit the broader organization that executes projects for business clients can drive the development of an engagement framework. Frameworks focused on the human …

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