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Dealing With Conflicts in Projects: Viewpoint of Different Stakeholders During Product Conception Engineering

João M. S. Ricardo

Histograms, timelines, work breakdown structures (WBS), and document lists. Are these enough for a group to develop a product or service in a smooth and orderly way with the expected quality and within the estimated time? Probably not! Even though the project manager has a scope in hand, it needs to be developed, prepared, and approved by different stakeholders. Sometimes, the scope can have a huge impact on project time and resources, especially if gold plating is involved.

Engineering plays a key role in this development. Their deliveries are directly related to the production of the product or service stated in the scope. When there are engineering delays, the remaining deliveries for the project will be delayed as well.

How can one deal with delays on the approval of engineering documents in projects? The purpose of this article is to bring some considerations to this subject and propose a method to balance expectations between the suppliers and customers.

Dealing With Conflicts in Projects
It is not surprising that the development of a product or service depends on a great deal of work carried out by managers and professionals. The foundation of this work may vary but, in short, it relies on the employees’ experience and the use of reference documents (lessons learned, active organizational process assets, enterprise environmental factors, and …

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