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Must-Have Tools and Techniques for Project Managers in 2021

Ward Boyer

Of course, there are many project management tools and techniques, and they vary among organizations. The tools and techniques discussed in this article are the ones I use, and I would be lost without them. It is important to always be on the cutting edge of project management, and I want to avoid anyone deriding me as a dinosaur project manager from the 80s or 90s.

It is a lot of work to stay current. My organization uses a vendor-provided, web-based application for our dashboard and project plans. This vendor provides emails with new trends in project management and free webinars. I get recordings of these webinars, too.

That is my main method of staying current. Like any industry, you stay current by reading the latest information, attending webinars, and collaborating with colleagues to avoid silos. Project managers must decide which tools and techniques apply to their organization and industry. I want to re-emphasize the following ones. 

Must-Have Tools and Techniques for Project Managers in 2021

1. A project manager must have a dashboard exclusively for project management. It is standard procedure and your top project management tool. Dashboards provide a quick health check of your projects. They are also a visual representation of your projects, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Dashboards should provide the status of each project …

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