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Key Transparency Index (KTI) of a Project Manager—A First Step Toward Designing a Mathematical Formula

Creating a simple mathematical formula to evaluate a project manager’s (PM) transparency helps in rating a PM, in giving feedback, and in setting the bar high at the project and organizational levels. High transparency or visibility of a project is a sure sign that often leads to early identification of problems, quicker solutions, and timely closure of a project.

In 2016, PMI Knowledge Shelf published my paper on “Transparency in Project Management,” and a reader posted a comment asking if there is a key index to measure transparency. That comment inspired me to create a mathematical formula for key transparency index (KTI). This paper is a result of research on the topic and my attempt to create a KTI for a PM. At first sight, the paper may look like a scientific research paper with mathematical equations, but I tried to make it easier and more fun to understand the logistics behind creating the KTI with explanations at each stage. Also, remember that the formula for creating a KTI can be perfected and further honed.

Rules of the game
Before we create a mathematical formula, let us agree on some rules. For a PM to be transparent, we all know what qualities the PM should have. More importantly, we also know what qualities the PM should not have. With these two sets of rules, the game is straightforward, but what if we introduce …

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