Project Management

Transparency in Project Management

To be successful, it is absolutely essential for project managers to adhere to transparency at every stage of the project. This paper attempts to discuss why project managers must be unbiased, what efficient managers should or should not do to achieve transparency, and how being transparent can set the bar high and demonstrate a project as a classic model. This paper also discusses the benefits of being transparent in the well-known Process Groups and Knowledge Areas of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition (PMI, 2013)..

The English language dictionary defines the word transparency as capable of being clearly seen through. The word clear implies absence of cloudiness or haziness. When applied to project management, these words indicate the same meaning and urge project managers and their teams to be transparent in every Knowledge Area. It does not matter if the project is in manufacturing, maintenance, renovation, re-engineering, or any other field. Transparency, when implemented without favoritism, can demonstrate a project as a textbook model and validate the team’s achievements as unique and exemplary.

When we consider transparency in project management, the questions that immediately arise are: To what depth should the project managers maintain transparency?; Should project managers …

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