Project Management

Remote Quality Audits for a Hydropower Project

, David Pinese, P.Eng, Matthew Lassam, P.Eng, Luca Donadei, and Riccardo Quarenghi

Hydropower is the most important renewable energy source to date, providing over 72% of all renewable electricity globally (Gernaat et al., 2017). The BC Hydro Site C Clean Energy Project (Site C Project) is one of the largest hydropower projects in British Columbia, Canada, in terms of installed capacity. Once completed, the Site C Project will be a source of clean, reliable, and affordable electricity in British Columbia for more than 100 years.

The services and components of the Site C Project are being procured through multiple contracts, including the hydro-mechanical equipment (HME) supply contract. The scope of the HME contract includes the design, supply, and commissioning of all gates, hoists, and embedded parts associated with the generating station and spillway components of the project.

ATB Riva Calzoni Hydro Canada Inc. (ATB) has been contracted by BC Hydro to provide the HME for the Site C Project. ATB is an internationally renowned company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of HME for hydroelectric projects all over the world. Having successfully worked on projects in Europe, Asia, and South America, ATB has now established operations in North America for the Site C Project HME supply contract (Site C Project/HME). The project engineering and quality management services are being provided by ATB, together with Hatch Ltd. (Canada).


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