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Add Cloud Computing to Your Business or Personal PM Knowledge Management System

Barry M. Milteer is a highly skilled Business, IT and Operations Consultant, and Project Management Professional with 25 years of multiplatform enterprise project management (EPM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) experience including business case development, requirements management, solution selection, proof of concept (POC), installation/setup, configuration, deployment, and training.

In today’s IT infrastructure environment, cloud computing takes center stage. The reason is simple, a well-designed cloud computing strategy typically results in increased productivity, security, and lower costs. As a result, many organizations are migrating their data center infrastructure to the cloud. And given the ubiquitous nature of cloud computing, these organizations like the idea of hiring people who have some idea of what it is. 

So, if you’re a project management professional with an interest in cloud computing and wish to invest some time and effort in acquiring a base level knowledge of it, consider training or even a certification in a product like Microsoft Azure, which is what I did. 

Cloud Computing 
Cloud computing takes place when you access computing services like servers, storage, networking, and software over the internet (the cloud) from a provider like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. For example, with cloud computing, instead of storing personal documents and photos on your personal computer’s hard drive, many people choose to store them on-line where they are deemed more accessible and secure. 

There are many benefits when it comes to cloud computing—here are some primary and common ones: 

  • Lower Costs—Cloud computing eliminates the expense of setting up and running on-…

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