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Persistence: As a young person, learn to love this word

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Persistence is a skill that helps you achieve a goal, achieve what you want and make your dreams a visible reality in your life.

Being persistent is a skill that helps you achieve a goal, achieve what you want and make your dreams another visible reality in your life.

Successful people believe in themselves and are persistent in what they want and dream about. As a young person, it’s important believe in your abilities. 

If you are not yet a person who acts as I wrote above , it is time to change some attitudes and thoughts.

First of all, be specific about the results you want to achieve and how far you want to go with each project that you take forward and accomplish in your path. Remember that doing everything without focus can bring you huge problems, such as wasted energy and no positive feedback for what you do.

Other important topic, it’s about your time. And you’re time is important, so know where to invest your time. It is bad to invest your efforts into unnecessary things. So, keep in mind that it is necessary to use each space of time in tasks that will give you results and will bring you closer to what you have projected in your life.

Be specific about the deadline that you want to achieve your goal or result, no matter what is your dream, and do not run away from it, just adjust the course and the acceleration. In addition, to setting a goal and making plans to achieve that goal, make sure it is reasonable to do and not just another silly and loose idea.

Never create big expectations before the time and don’t take steps greater than your legs. Set goals if appropriate, and make each goal be reached in sequence, ensuring your evolution, even if slowly.

Focus on what you have planned and set as a goal every day, if is possible.

Another point that I need to tell you, is to get healthy and strategic habits to a good and long life. One tactic that can work for you, is to gradually acquire new habits for your life that make you a better person. Add your new goals and planning to those projects that you have already put into practice and that are already a reality. 

Small changes in these habits or in these projects make big differences

Sometimes persistence is negative, but I do not like to talk about it, because this is related to those people who persist in making mistakes. 

When a person makes a mistake, he knows he has made the mistake and keeps insisting on that, excuse me, but he is not persistent. Is another bad word.

This person is ignorant, and possibly has a stubbornness even to accept this and try to improve her living conditions.
In that case, you do not persist by personal force, but simply because you are lazy to change your path. It’s just your comfort zone!

try to see every small step of your own success with happiness. Use, for example, an agenda or something similar and write down on each task you are accomplishing from your goals, and make your dreams more measurable. 

It’s vital for you, maybe just for you, to know how close you are to approaching your dreams.

You deserve it!

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Thank you William for reminding us of the importance of persistence in our projects and our lives.

Great William. How I said some years ago, just depends on you. Go ahead and invited others young PM to share kowledge and passion about the profession.

Thank you for this great post!

Very educative. As young project professionals, this advice is very key to a successful career. Thanks for sharing

I profoundly agree with you. Just do and do without any stop.

Good One, Thanks William.

Very good post!!

Thanks for the article William.

Great article! Especially for beginners.

Dear William
Interesting your perspective on the topic: "Persistence: As a young person, learn to love this word"

Thanks for sharing

Important point to remember:
"Successful people believe in themselves and are persistent in what they want and dream about. As a young person, it’s important believe in your abilities."

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