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PMI Educational Foundation Launches Unique New Book!

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Two familiar names in the project management and education world have teamed up to release a new unique book called Project Management for Education: The Bridge to 21st Century Learning (“PM4Ed” for short). Bernie Trilling and Walter Ginevri have decades of educational and project management experience between them and work globally to build fundamental bridges between project management and education. Their innovative new book is a perfect representation of their valuable collaboration…and now you can benefit from their impressive wealth of knowledge! 

So, what makes this book so cutting-edge? PM4Ed is actually two books in one: an Educator Guide and a Project Manager Guide bringing the advantages and benefits of project management’s powerful and practical principles and practices to the world of primary and secondary education.

By flipping this book over, you can switch between the two guides to explore how both educators and project managers (PMs) are increasingly moving toward the same goal—to help all students become more successful 21st century learners, and be well-prepared for future work, citizenship, family, and community life.

After reading this book both teachers and project managers will be able to answer the critical question, How do we manage learning projects, and how can we help students be more effective designers and managers of their own learning?

Click here to learn more about the book, watch a short video and purchase a copy now!

All proceeds from the book will go to the PMI Educational Foundation as the authors have graciously agreed to forego royalties.

Posted by Marjorie Anderson on: November 28, 2017 12:00 AM | Permalink

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Very cool! And a great addition to the community and its offerings.

Great initiative!!

Thanks for letting us know

Great Initiative - I like the idea - Very interesting.

I tried to see if PMI Members can download a free online version (Like the other guides) so I can skim through the book and decide whether to buy it or not but I think it is not offered for free downloading ?

Can you advise please.

Furthermore, I just noticed this:

"All proceeds from the book will go to the PMI Educational Foundation as the authors have graciously agreed to forego royalties".

Very Nice !!!

From Malaysia... it is expensive to purchase it online... lucky me that Chapter President went to Chicago last month to get a copy for with discounted rate. The book is a great guide on PM education...

I also would be interested in a downloadable version as Rami mentioned in an earlier post!

I bought the book and added a small PMIef donation. Looking forward to my copy!

That's very nice. Thanks.

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