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October 2023 PMI Fact File Stats

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The most current PMI Fact File is in! Each month, updated numbers will be posted to the community through the Critical Path Blog. We’re very excited to continue providing this information to you, now more regularly and up to date than ever.


If you are interested in learning more about certifications, including agile certifications, keep exploring at PMI.

Posted by Kimberly Whitby on: November 14, 2023 08:06 AM | Permalink

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Dear Kimberly
Thank you for sharing the October 2023 PMI Fact File Stats with us.

Thanks for sharing!
Most likely we will hit the 700K Memebrs next month! Woohoooo!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this info.

Thank you for sharing the info.

Love this centralized information. Would it be possible to include number of volunteers? I use this information as a chapter leader to promote PMI and our chapter.

🚀 Project Management is thriving globally! 🌐 The latest #PMIFactFile reveals an incredible community of 698,573 PMI members worldwide, spanning 220 countries and territories.

🎓 The commitment to #ProjectManagement excellence is clear, with over 1.4 million PMPs leading the way. Our profession is not just growing – it's setting the standard!

✨ Whether you're a DASM, PMP, or PgMP, every certification tells a story of dedication and expertise.

🔍 Looking to the future, the rise in specialized certifications like PMI-ACP and PMI-RMP showcases a trend toward agile and risk management skills.

💡 Let's celebrate our collective achievements and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in #ProjectManagement!

#Leadership #Innovation #ProfessionalDevelopment

👇 Share your PMI journey, and let's inspire the next wave of project leaders!

Thank you for sharing great info

Thanks Kimberly for sharing.
By the way, I see the numbers of PMI-CP don't match with those of the Registry.
How can it be managed?
Any suggestions?

Mario, this data is for October so maybe a few more candidates passed the exam in November and that’s why you see a slight discrepancy.

Mario, on another note, the registry gives you the certified candidates per country only and there is no option to check for all regions at once so how did you manage to see PMI-CP holders in all regions? Thanks!

Hi Rami, thank you for your feedback.
I guessed that the numbers of PMI fact file would match or have the regestry as a source. Are these numbers related. How can we see it?

Thanks for sharing which let me know the clear data.

Hi Rami, you are right, and I agree. I understand. Wouldn't it be suitable to have a the fact file linked to the registry to match its numbers, using power bi? This is my suggestion.

Hello Mario - thanks for your questions regarding how data is captured. Please note this information is pulled internally and not part of the Registry, as some certification holders have the option of displaying this information. We are looking to refine our metrics in 2024, so please stay tuned for more details. Many thanks!

Hello Wendy - that's a great question and we will certainly keep this in consideration as we refine our metrics for 2024. Thanks for your patience as we evaluate this process!

Hello Kimberly.
Thank you for your feedback and congratulations for the great work.

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