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Welcome to The Critical Path--the home for community happenings and events on! This is where you'll find community news, updates, upcoming events, featured member posts and more. We'll also be showcasing hot topics in the project management arena and bringing you interviews with industry experts. The Critical Path is our primary way of getting news out to members, so be sure to check back for updates!

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PMI Talent Triangle® Update

Categories: PMI, Videos, Education

The PMI Talent Triangle® is evolving! The sides of the PMI Talent Triangle® have been updated to focus on:

Ways of Working: formerly Technical Project Management

Power Skills: formerly Leadership

Business Acumen: formerly Strategic and Business Management


You will notice that these updates are now reflected on for live webinars and on-demand videos. Reference the Talent Triangle Alignment graphic (example included below) on each webinar or video page to understand the PDUs that you will earn for watching!


You can learn more about earning PDUs on here.

Additional information about the evolution of the PMI Talent Triangle® can be found on along with FAQs. Please direct any questions to PMI Customer Support. Happy webinar viewing!

Posted by Laura Schofield on: August 03, 2022 02:22 PM | Permalink | Comments (13)

Live Webinar Update!

Image by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash 

A few months ago, we rolled out an exciting change within the online community, migrating the live webinar platform from Webex to Zoom; you can learn more here.

Since the switch to Zoom, we have made further updates to ensure that the mobile experience for live webinars is fully supported. You can now join live webinars from a mobile device and be assured that your PDUs will be automatically reported to PMI’s CCRS on your behalf! You should continue to access live webinars in the same way - by going to the webinar page on, and clicking "join this webinar." This will open Zoom on your device. Going forward, we will be removing any text on webinar registration pages and in confirmation emails that indicates the mobile experience is not supported.

Using the Zoom app, you can watch live webinars on-the-go and never have to miss an exciting session! Comment below with where you’ll be joining webinars from now that the mobile experience is enabled!

If you have any questions about viewing a live or on-demand webinar, please reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you. Happy webinar viewing!

Posted by Laura Schofield on: May 20, 2022 02:35 PM | Permalink | Comments (5)

New Webinar Platform - What You Need to Know

Categories: webinar, community

As a follow-up to an earlier post, we have officially migrated our webinar platform from Webex to Zoom! Going forward, all live webinars will take place on the Zoom platform. Due to this change and to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience on Zoom, we have outlined some important information in the below FAQs.

  1. What Zoom features will be enabled for live webinars? 

Chat and Q&A will be enabled when live webinars are switched over to Zoom in January 2022. Questions for the presenter will need to be entered into the Q&A panel in order for the presenter to see them.

  1. How will users access webinars when the cutover to Zoom is complete?

The way in which users access webinars on will not change with the transition from Webex to Zoom. Logged-in users should go to the relevant page on for the live webinar and click “Join this webinar.” Users will continue to be able to join a webinar 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. The link to the webinar page on can be found in confirmation and reminder emails as well as the calendar invitation.

  1. Now that Zoom is being used for live webinars, do I need to take any action?

Necessary action on the part of the user is limited, as you will join live webinars in the same way that you do now – from a webpage while logged into the site. When you join a webinar from, Zoom will launch. Similar to other webinar platforms, you may need to install the Zoom application or add-in if you have never used Zoom before on your device. You will also need to connect audio (via computer or phone) in order to hear the presentation.

  1. Where can I find technical help with Zoom?

For technical assistance with Zoom, you may go to the Help Center for Users & Participants on Zoom’s website.

  1. Why is now using Zoom for live webinars instead of Webex?

On, we aim to provide the best viewing experience for community members and to support our speakers in delivering high quality webinars – switching to Zoom for live webinars is an important step forward in doing so! We look forward to your continued participation in webinars and appreciate your patience during the transition period to Zoom!

  1. Can community members continue to submit webinar proposals?

Yes, will continue to accept and process webinar proposals. Interested community members should continue to submit their proposal via the “Propose a Webinar” form (additional information and the online form can be found here). To allow time for the transition to Zoom, webinars will be scheduled from 17 January 2022 onwards.

  1. Will webinars continue to be posted on-demand?

Yes, webinars will continue to be recorded and then posted as on-demand videos.

  1. Will webinar capacity change?

For now, webinar capacity will remain capped at 2,000 people.

  1. Now that webinars are hosted via Zoom, will PDUs continue to be reported to PMI as they are earned by viewers?

We will continue to report PDUs on behalf of PMI credential holders for both the live and on-demand sessions, unless otherwise indicated on the webinar page (for instance, non-PDU bearing webinars).

To facilitate automatic reporting of PDUs, please make sure that you are not already logged into Zoom on your device. In the event that the email address that you use for Zoom is different than the one that you use for, our system will not recognize you in order to report PDUs on your behalf. Logging out of Zoom before accessing and joining a live webinar will prevent this issue from occurring. 

  1. The mobile experience was not supported with Webex. Will this change when webinars switch to the Zoom platform?

A mobile experience was not supported with Webex because the Webex mobile app was not able to authenticate PMI member information from when entering the platform. This presented issues for verification of membership status to view webinars and automatic reporting of PDUs. The team is currently investigating ways to enable a mobile viewing experience for live webinars with Zoom.

In the meantime, you should continue to watch live webinars from a computer to ensure proper access and automatic reporting of PDUs to CCRS. We'll provide an update on mobile functionality as soon as one is available!

If you have any questions about viewing a live or on-demand webinar, please reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help. We’re looking forward to continuing to bring you exciting webinar content in 2022 and beyond!

Posted by Laura Schofield on: January 18, 2022 10:36 AM | Permalink | Comments (11)

Community Update: New Webinar Platform Coming Soon!

Categories: webinar, community

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

2022 is off to an exciting start in PMI’s online community! In order to improve the user experience for webinar participants, we are making a change to the way in which you view webinars. Starting in January 2022, we will move from the Webex platform to Zoom to deliver all live webinars on

What does this change mean for you? The platform used to host, present, and view live webinars will be different, but you will still experience the same great project management content! The Chat and Q&A windows will be available in Zoom; you will be able to choose whether or not you see that information as you're watching the webinar (by minimizing or expanding the windows). And, yes, we will still automatically report PDUs on behalf of PMI credential holders.

In the upcoming weeks, we will post more information regarding the switch to the Zoom platform, including FAQs, to The Critical Path blog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Community team! We are looking forward to an improved webinar experience and hope you're as excited about this update as we are!

Posted by Laura Schofield on: January 05, 2022 03:33 PM | Permalink | Comments (4)

Important Updates

Categories: community

In an important step for PMI’s digital community transformation, all community members will access with their account credentials going forward. There will no longer be a separate and login, simplifying access across sites. With this change, the option to access the online community with your or Facebook credentials will be sunset.

Beginning 18 February 2021, when you click Login on, you will be directed to the login screen. Once you have entered your username or email and your password, you will be brought back to

Prior to this change, many community members already had a account; please utilize your existing credentials to login to For those users who did not create a account and/or link an existing account to their account, you will need to set a new password and security question the next time that you attempt to access An email will be sent to any affected users on February 18th.  

We are excited for what the future holds for PMI’s online community and look forward to hearing your feedback, as the new community experience evolves! Please see below for answers to potential questions arising from this update. If you are in need of further assistance, please reach out to [email protected]

FAQ – Can I login utilizing my email address instead of username?

Yes, you may utilize your email address or username to login.  

FAQ – Why do I now have a PMI account?

This action was taken in preparation for PMI’s upcoming community transformation. The new community experience will be fully integrated with, eventually allowing you to manage and update your profile in a single location. For that reason, a account has been created for users who had not yet created an account and/or linked an existing account to their account. Going forward, all community members will access using their PMI account credentials.

FAQ – Why do I need to set a new password?

Only users who did not have a account previously need to set a new password; affected users will be prompted to do so the first time that they attempt to access following the change to the login. Going forward, you will access with your PMI account credentials, rather than a separate login.

FAQ – I am attempting to set my password, but I cannot locate the email to verify my email address and finish setting a password. Could you please resend the email?

Password reset is only relevant to community members who did not previously have a account. To trigger a verification email to your email address, please attempt to Login to Go to, and click Login. Enter your username or email address and any password, and click Log In. This will send the email to the email address that is on file for your account; please check any spam folders if the email is not showing up in your Inbox. Open the email, and click the link to set your new password and the answer to a security question. Going forward, you will access with these PMI account credentials. If an outdated email address is reflected on your account, please note that the email address can be updated by Customer Care.

FAQ – What are the implications of having a account?

You will now access using your PMI account credentials, simplifying login across PMI’s sites. The upcoming community experience will be fully integrated with, eventually allowing you to manage and update your profile in a single location. More information to come!



Posted by Laura Schofield on: February 16, 2021 03:34 PM | Permalink | Comments (10)

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