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Situation: You're curious about what your peers put at the top of the priority list.

Sometimes we post fill-in-the-blank questions to our facebook fan page.  People have fun with them and sometimes the answers can be telling.  A recent posting asked facebook fans to say what the most important part of their job is.  

I thought it was interesting that 12 of the 38 responses directly mentioned communication as most important.  Many of the other common management issues came through, but none quite so strongly.  I wonder if that's because we really feel that way (and there is a lot of support for this) or whether communications is such a hot topic at the moment in our field.

Here are the results...

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communication. integration and
following thru / up with decision made / actions planned (--->> deliver!)

Interesting and some funny responses. I'd probably add patience and perseverence to the list.

Communications. I put a lot of effort into it, I think that I am good at it and still we have some communications problems.

Building relationships

A day late in replying, but hopefully not a dollar short. Recently I was asked about project management, and what is important, and wouldn't you know it, I told them that #1 is communication! I definitely think that without proper communication, the rest is a waste of time.

way behind everyone one else time wise on this but have always said that communication is the key. Doesn't matter what else you do if you don't communicate it no one know. Also when carrying out all your tasks as a P, risks, issues, planning you have to communicate clearly with people and get them to open up and talk to you. That way you will know the real risks and issues.

I fully agree on communication being the biggest thing the PM must get right. Communication is the foundation of so many other things such as stake holder management, relationship management, etc. If you can't manage your communication styles and channels for maximum impact you will have a very difficult time keeping projects on track.

Yes, communication was important but as PM should also need to balance others tactis as well.

Requirement Management

I'll add - building strong relationships with others.

Recognizing the different motivations of all team members, stakeholders and sponsors and then factoring that into the planning, communications and risk management. Imbedding risk management into the DNA of the project/program/portfolio will take you a long way forward.

Staying out of the critical path. PM's need to empower their teams to focus on their roles and responsibilities; PM''s should delegate and get out of the way.

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