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Project Management in 55 Some-ecards

Categories: Time Killers

Situation: You could use a laugh

You might not want to send the following cards to people you work with, but they're still funny. Others your team members might want to send to you.. (If you'd actually like to send one, just click on it.)

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How Do You Compare to Your Peers?


Situation: You want to know how you are measuring up these days.

Global Knowledge is conducting a salary survey that actually goes way beyond "how much do you make".  It asks some pretty detailed questions about job satisfaction, training, certifications, and other things that you might like to know about your peers.    As is typical with these things, you can get a copy of the results sent to you after completing the survey.  So if you have about 3 minutes, check out the  2011 IT Salary and Skills Survey

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Are You a Hero or a Zero?

Categories: PPM Software, Time Killers

Situation:  You like to play games.

I rarely plug advertorial here, but this game that CA has produced is kind of neat.

The ‘PPM Hero Challenge’ has contestants navigate a series of PPM questions, provided by The Butler Group, before the clock runs out.  The questions aren't brain surgery if you're familiar with the topic, but the time element keep you on the edge of your seat until you're done.   At the end you can submit your own PPM question for use in future iterations of the game.  So, thanks to you,  the next guy will find the game just a little bit harder. 

So if you have a minute to run around a virtual office trying to solve problems (like you're not doing that now), you check it out.  In the end you get to see how you rank against your peers.

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Corporate Twitter?

Situation: You think that constant communication may make your organization more effective.

At least ten times over the past month I've been asked, "Does gantthead offer the equivalent of Twitter?"  To which I've responded "no" repeatedly.  For most people, Twitter is one of those things that you either get and love or think is completely pointless.  I have a Twitter account that I've not used in a year, but every week more people "follow" me on it.

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is - it's a "micro blogging" tool.  This means that people with accounts are constantly texting short blurbs about what they are doing in to the system.  They are also receiving "Tweets" from those who they are following.  It's sort of a "Everybody knows what everyone else is doing" sort of thing.  In theory, there might be some utility in this sort of thing within the context of your work environment.  It could answer questions like: What does Joe do all day? or Is Sarah is finishing up that report?  After a long hot day of "tweeting" it could also make you a touch more reflective about how you spend your own time.  Looking at it as a running logbook or diary kind of makes you think about whether you should have spent an hour chatting in Mark's office or 15 minutes posting to your blog --- oh enough about me.

Well at least one tool vendor believes that microblogging is in your future.  Yammer is Twitter for corporate types.  Here's how they describe their tool. 

Yammer is a tool for making your organization more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: "What are you working on?"

You can use Yammer to:
  • Stay connected with co-workers
  • Share a news article, document or link
  • Get answers to a question
  • Participate in a discussion
  • Look up a co-worker's contact info
  • Search for a topic
  • See what's popular and who's influential
  • Yammer protects the privacy of your network by requiring all users to confirm that they have a valid [your company name].com email address.
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The Truth... well, ouch.

Categories: Time Killers

Situation: You could use a laugh.

Here's a gantthead-appropriate quip from my favorite e-card site someecards.

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"If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide."

- Mahatma Gandhi