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Lenka Pincot is an agile transformation leader for Ceska Sporitelna, a major bank in the Central Eastern Europe region. After spending the past three years in the United States, she recently relocated back to her hometown of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Lenka, how did you get into project management? I was a junior business analyst on an organizational transformation initiative. In the middle of the project, our project manager suddenly left. This inspired me to invest myself in the project management discipline and explore its success factors. Project management became a crucial — and favorite — part of all my further job assignments.

What do you love most about the work? When things get done and people grow on their project journeys, including me.

What do you find most challenging or frustrating? Every project is a challenge on its own, but I guess I chose my profession right because I really do love challenges!

What's your proudest professional achievement? I'm happy to list my biggest projects on my resume, but frankly speaking that is not what makes me proud. I see the biggest value in having opportunities to help teams to cooperate, to establish language between business and IT experts, and to connect people and find synergies. I’m the most proud when I create inspiring environments that lead to achievements.

What's the best piece of advice you've received or can share? There can never be enough listening and communication.

How has helped you in your work and career? I always enjoy being on the site because I truly appreciate the enormous accumulation of expertise, networking potential, and valuable interactions. I have applied the insights of others in my job numerous times.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside work? My hobbies were gradually pushed out of my life by my three kids, but I keep fighting and occasionally read books, go to movies, and do fitness.

Favorite TV show, artist or movie? True Detective because I’m interested in mystery and I love problem-solving, and Hell's Kitchen because I’m interested in how the teamwork between strangers is born.

Best vacation? Any vacation!

Thank you, Lenka!

To connect with Lenka, here's her profile.


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Great Initiative Aaron - Lenka is a great member of this community. Is this initiative going to be a monthly trend ?

@Rami — we haven't settled on a regular schedule for this new blog yet, but we'll feature a community member at least once a month, and possibly more often. Thanks!

Well Noted. Thanks .

@Aaron, that’s great, thank you for elaborating !

@Aaron, thanks for introducing me and for launching this initiative! Looking forward to see other peers featured here and sharing their stories.

@Lenka, thanks for talking the time to share your perspective with us!

My favorite snippet: "...create inspiring environments that lead to achievements."

Great initiative for learning from each other's perspectives. Thank you Aaron.
"There can never be enough listening and communication" - That is a very good advice, thank you Lenka for sharing.

Great stuff! Thanks for the initiative, Aaron.Great interview, Lenka. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

Thank you Aaron and Lenka for sharing your thoughts.

Great to showcase Lenka, well done.

Nice thanks Lenka and Aaron, like that kind of format.

Thank you again. This is a great way to foster the community.

Great initiative. Thank you Aaron & Lenka for sharing wonderful experience.

Nice to meet you Lenka! Another great example of the similarities and overlap between the BA role and the PM role! And you are right on Lenka...communication is paramount!

Thanks Lenka ! Experience sharing is always helpful.

Great to meet you, Kenka!

Amazing read, thanks for sharing

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