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As you are already aware, PMI is in the midst of a transformation and as PMI Standards begin to reflect this transformation, we have decided to engage with our community through the Critical Path blog.  Going forward, you can check in here for updates and opportunities to share your thoughts and reactions around how we are progressing on our journey.  

As a reminder and for context, our transformation is based on the 2017 Strategic Plan. The plan outlines three pillars: strategic focus, customer centricity, and organizational agility. The strategic focus creates the opportunity to serve practitioners in a more substantive and integrated manner. Customer centricity is about gaining a deep understanding of practitioners so we can improve what we offer, how we offer it, and when we offer it to them. Organizational agility is about improving PMI’s ability to identify and respond to emerging opportunities.

Applying the three strategic pillars within PMI standards publications, it became important to separate fundamental concepts from the way in which those concepts are applied.  As a result, the content within these publications falls into three categories, which you will see referenced in future blog postings:

  • Standard, the essential considerations required for effective delivery;
  • The body of knowledge, what is currently known regarding the discipline; and
  • Practice, tools, and techniques for implementation.

Organizations are adopting more project-based approaches to deliver value, and project management professionals require tools to drive that success. These tools include both The Standard for Project Management and the body of knowledge for delivering value through projects.

Recognizing this need, PMI will leverage a collaborative approach with our stakeholders, to adapt both The Standard for Project Management and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) to cover the entire value-delivery landscape of project management. At the same time, we are undertaking work to provide practitioners with more robust, more accessible, and highly relevant content designed to apply standards and the body of knowledge situationally in practice, which can be captured and updated best through a web-based platform. These products will reflect the knowledge that projects are executed to deliver value and project teams can use a broad range of methods and approaches to deliver outcomes.

We are excited about the future of PMI Standards and invite you to stay connected with us as we develop these resources. Check back to The Critical Path blog to follow our journey and stay informed about additional opportunities to engage more directly.

Posted by Marjorie Anderson on: July 15, 2019 04:02 PM | Permalink

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Looking forward to the rollout, especially the new "web content products."

Fantastic! Always great to see vision and forward-thinking coming to fruition.

Great initiatives and I personally will be glad to contribute. Keep us posted please !

It will be great to see this initiative in the future! I look forward to it!

Great information, available in 10 languages very good.

Thanks for the information. It helps to understand the driving factors behind the changes.

Very much looking forward to this substantial change, Marjorie. Excellent post to kick it all off.

Wow, that is great information.

All that is currently being done is the release of the wholly restructured PMP Exam Content Outline and the associated changes to the PMP Exam, which I think is a right step in the right direction.
Or the changes and innovations announced in this article.
That all sounds very good and lets me look hopefully into the (project) future.
The announced "Web-based Content Platform" will bridge the gap between the formal ANSI standard (PMBoK Guide) and the practical implementation and application of the described "good practices" in our everyday project management. I already have a very high expectation of what will come!

And this morning I received an invitation from PMI to be part of the review team for the upcoming 7th edition of the PMBoK Guide, which I am pleased about.

I see a great future for our profession and am proud to be a PMI member.

I hope to get some concrete updates as soon as possible.



It will be great to see this initiative in the future! Thanks for the information

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