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Busting Standards Myths

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Busting Standards Myths

Over the past few months, members of PMI’s Standards Member Advisory Group (MAG) and PMBOK® Guide–Seventh Edition Development Team have blogged on the standards transformation journey at PMI and, in particular, observations and thinking around the next edition of the PMBOK® Guide. There is much more to come as the work continues. However, as this work has progressed, we have heard a few observations and rumors. Take a minute (well actually 10 minutes) to watch this video as we bust a few myths. Enjoy!

Posted by Kimberly Whitby on: November 25, 2019 10:45 AM | Permalink

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Thank You - There is something wrong with the Video Link. When I try to go watch the video, it takes me instead to Microsoft Outlook Sign In page. Can you check it out please.


Dear Kimberly
Thanks for sharing the video
It happens to me exactly the same as Rami when I click on "video"


The link to the video has been updated. Thanks for your patience!

Dear Kimberly
Thanks for sharing the video
Interesting Video: BUSTED !

Thanku Kimberly for sharing Myths getting BUSTED !

Thank you for sharing the video Kimberly!

Great video, and it was fun to see you in it, Kimberly! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Lori, I love making cameo appearances!

Thanks Lori for share this video, was interesting.

Informative AND Entertaining! I see a role on network.TV for you three! :)

That was a hysterical cameo, Kimberly - you looked super relaxed while reading the PMBOK Guide. Makes total sense as I find sustained reading of any edition after the Second to be a great cure for insomnia!

Great Video. Thanks for sharing the video

Fun video. I'd love to see the uncut version!

Interesting video to help us understand the underlying principles for the transformation. Thank you for sharing.

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