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Community Ambassadors Program to Launch January 2020

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One of many efforts to enhance programming on, the Community Ambassadors Program will launch on January 2, 2020! The Ambassadors Program will provide community members with additional support resources who facilitate and encourage constructive conversations as well as assist members in navigating the community. The Program seeks to highlight voices in the community that are helpful, professional, passionate, and knowledgeable in order to allow community members to get the most out of the site and their interactions with each other.

Ambassadors are active members who are advocates of the community as well as leaders in the project management field. They are generously offering their time to PMI’s online community to ensure a better experience for all community members!

We are excited to announce that our first Ambassadors will be Emily Luijbregts and Andrew Craig, starting in the role on January 2, 2020. More information will be posted at that time so that you may become better acquainted with Emily and Andrew. Feel free to say hello as you see them around the community!

In 2020, we will be identifying additional community members to serve as Ambassadors in order to grow the program and better support community members. Below are some FAQs regarding the Ambassadors Program for your reference. Please reach out to with any questions. 

Project Ambassadors Program FAQs

What qualifications do I need in order to become a Community Ambassador? Community Ambassadors are PMI members who have been a part of the online community for at least one year. Ambassadors have a complete profile (including picture) and act in accordance with the Community User Guidelines; they are active members of the community who post discussion topics, address their peers’ questions, provide substantive feedback on content items, and seek to be helpful and engaging in their interactions with others. These items inform our selection criteria for the Ambassadors Program.

Do I have to be a PMI Member to be an Ambassador? Yes, we require that Ambassadors be PMI members so that they have access to all content (including premium content) on This allows Ambassadors to fully engage with community members across the various content areas.  

Do I have to hold a PMI certification, such as the PMP, to be an Ambassador? No, a PMI certification is not a requirement to be a Community Ambassador. 

Why was I not chosen for the Ambassadors Program? For the initial launch, the program is starting small with two Ambassadors. This will allow us to best develop and refine the Ambassadors Program while we gather feedback and evaluate what is working. There are many great candidates within the community who will be considered, as we expand the program over time. We look forward to your continued interest!

What is the time commitment for being an Ambassador? Ambassadors agree to a 6 month term. Ambassadors may serve up to two consecutive terms (one year) which is followed by a six month break. After this break, individuals may once again be considered for the Ambassadors Program.

How often will new Ambassadors join the program? Currently, we do anticipate that the Ambassadors Program will expand over time. This growth will be based upon the success of the program and as needs are determined going forward.

I know someone who would make a great Community Ambassador. What can I do? We certainly welcome suggestions for future Community Ambassadors. Please contact or a Product Specialist with your recommendation. We will then consider the candidate in the context of our selection criteria for the Ambassadors Program.  

Posted by Laura Schofield on: December 13, 2019 08:58 AM | Permalink

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Dear Laura
Interesting initiative to create the "Community Ambassadors Program"

It is a great challenge and a great responsibility at the same time.

Congratulations to both ambassadors Emily Luijbregts and Andrew Craig

When we click on the name of Andrew Craig Emily Luijbregts's profile appears

Links have been updated. Thanks!

Great idea, Laura! Both Emily and Andrew are great candidates as the first Ambassadors!


Great Initiative, Laura.

Congratulations to Emily and Andrew for being first Ambassadors. They both deserve it without a doubt.

Kiron also makes a great ambassador for this community.

Good Luck with the program !


Innovative initiative, will send my recommendations to the Ambassadors program.

Nice to know this! Congratulations to Emily and Andrew!

Dear Rami

There are many people actively participating in this community who may be Ambassadors

Rami Kaibni is one of those people and of course, without a doubt Kiron Bondale

Thanks for updates and congratulations to Emily Luijbregts and Andrew Craig for becoming first Ambassadors.

All the Best !!

Thank you, everyone!

This is an amazing opportunity and I am truly honored to not just be asked as an Ambassador for this great community, but also that I was asked as the first! I have had a few conversations with Laura, Mark, and team on aligning goals and aspirations for this program.

I look forward to being a continued active member and will look for new and innovative opportunities with Emily and PMI for engaging ALL members of the community.

I am chuffed to bits to see actions like that, please continue the great work.

I have been thinking with my buttons about this initiative.

Surely you have thought through the pros and cons very well before taking it

As you can see, my first reaction was pro-initiative.

However, the questions hang in my mind:

1. What was the real intention when you created this initiative? (greater participation or more control)

2. Could there have been more debate in the process of its creation? (pros and cons)

3. Could ambassadors have been voted instead of nominated? (Participation of members to apply and voting on candidates wishing to be ambassadors)

Thank you, everyone, for the feedback and enthusiasm! We are very excited for the program launch!


Good Questions. As someone whose been actively involved in this community for years, I will give you my opinion but just to be clear, I am not speaking on behalf of PMI neither was I involved in establishing this initiative, this is solely my own personal point of view:

1- I think its both. More participation and more control which is good. As participation increases, you need to have more control and this kind of control helps maintain harmony and discipline in the community because it involves selected people from the community and the community moderators.

2- There is always room for improvement, but you can never tell what you can improve until you try and get feedback. It's all about inspection and adaption and that's why they mentioned in their post above, that they are starting the program with a few members only so they can inspect and adapt before they grow the program which is the right thing to do.

3- Yes, it could have been handled in a more fair manner for sure. I admire both Andrew and Emily, they are great members of the community and without a doubt, they will do a great job. I've seen Andrew involved in this community since I first started in 2015.

However, and that has nothing to do with the candidates, I feel the selection decision was biased (Whether intentionally or not, that's besides the point). Chance should be given to more professional voices to be highlighted, not only concentrate on a few.

That being said, decision was already made, whether fair or not, I or anyone else can either accept it, support it and move forward or might decide to phase out of the community peacefully and professionally - that's a personal decision to be made.


Hello everyone,

Thank you for your kind words and congratulations. This is a wonderful opportunity and I'm glad that I can support the community in this way. I'm really looking forward to working with the PMI team to make sure that we can make the ambassador's program a big a success as possible!

WoW Congratulations Emily and Andrew !

Congratulations @Emily & @Andrew, I know you will do a marvelous job! Looking forward to seeing what you will come up with

Congratulations @Emily & @Andrew, I know you will do a marvelous job! Looking forward to seeing what you will come up with

Excellent initiative. Congratulations to @Emily and @Andrew

I am new to the community. I think this is a great idea. I look forward to talking with @Emily & @Andrew and many others. Congratulations.

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