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To better serve the community as well as the PMI community as a whole, our Digital Experience team has launched a navigation change that is across all PMI branded sites.  This change gives a more streamlined navigation experience with access to all PMI brands via the 9 dot menu in the top left hand side of the navigation bar.  With this change the sites are now what we call “responsive”. We have done away with the standalone mobile version of the site and the desktop version will now transform to a mobile version, depending on the size of your browser window.  This responsiveness of the site will still allow you access to all aspects of the site regardless of the size of the window; nothing should be hidden off screen.  As with any changes, if you find anything that doesn’t look quite right, let us know!

Posted by Kimberly Whitby on: January 11, 2020 12:03 PM | Permalink

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Dear Kimberly
Thanks for the info you shared with us

I created a topic about it where you can find some opinions

Great! Thanks, Kimberly.
One of the more significant challenges after these types of facelifts is the seemingly endless consistency efforts. Some inconsistency I've come across is using the '9-dots' to navigate elsewhere and not all have the same to come back.

Like the concept for navigating all PMI sites, some don't have the 9-dots yet.

Like the added menus items


Thanks for the note and update. Below are my comments:

1) Looks great, neat and colours are better.

2) New Interface is not very compatible with iPad. It requires some tuning. The old interface was perfect.

3) Under the 9 dots they should have added more site of theirs like PMe Foundation, PM University, PM Job Board as many do not know those sites exist.

I did suggest item 3 when they asked for my feedback, it somehow implemented but under a different tab.

Those are my 2 cents - RK

Kimberly -

The consistency and crispness of the new interface across the sites is great!

A few comments/questions:

1. I'm assuming the two DA ones ( and will still be undergoing some updates as they aren't quite consistent with the rest of the sites?

2. How do I get rid of the (red numerical) notification that I have an Offer? I've even clicked on it to try to get rid of it and it doesn't seem to want to go away.

3. It would be great if the Home button and 9 dots would be available when you scroll down in a thread. The rest of the menu items persist but those two disappear and you have to scroll back up to the top to get them...



Kimberly -

One more slight annoyance - when you click on one of the 9 dot menu items, it launches in the same window. This happens even if you Ctrl-click. Ideally it would use a target="_new" tag...



I agree with Kiron regarding the offer, same on my end too. It shows one but there is nothing.

Another note, regarding the PMWars, if someone sends you a request, we can’t decline it and it stay show up as (1) for a week or so.


@Kiron: I was also mystified by the red notification badge. It finally went away today.

Now that the Community bread crumbs are gone, there is no easy way to get to the People or Connections page.

@Kiron, I still have this offer notification. It didn't go away.

Blimey! I just got home and the notification badge is back on!

I appreciate the effort to improve the navigation between all of PMI's different websites.

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