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Reminder: Influence Score Retirement

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This is a reminder that the Influence Score has been retired as of today, 30 March 2020. You can read the initial announcement for additional information surrounding this decision here.


There are many ways to engage within the community, take advantage of programming, and share your knowledge and expertise. We appreciate the feedback that all of you have provided so far!


The community will certainly continue to evolve in exciting ways. And we look forward to new avenues through which to recognize community members’ contributions and demonstrate your helpfulness, impact, and leadership within the community. You all make this an engaging, informative, and valuable space for Project Managers! More to come in 2020, so please keep an eye on the Critical Path!

Posted by Laura Schofield on: March 30, 2020 09:22 AM | Permalink

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Very interesting., thanks for sharing.

Laura, there should have been a temporary page titled 'The Influencer Score Hall of Fame' to commemorate those of us with higher scores (for a short while at least) :-)

Either that or a t-shirt - I'm always ready for a t-shirt :-)

Dear Laura
I'm curious to know what you are going to do instead

I thought that before removing the influence (at least on the day they made their withdrawal replacement) you already had the alternative

Hi Luis, Information will certainly be shared here as it becomes available. The community transformation, which is currently underway, will certainly impact and inform the path forward.

@Kiron - I think a Tshirt would be really cool! I'm a TOP Influencer!


Being No 4 on the list with an influence of 93, I think those are great ideas, both the High Influencers Wall of Fame and T-Shirt - I am so in for a T-Shirt.

I feel sad it is retired as it was a source of pride for me and many others but we shall wait and see what PMI has planned for this community.


I’ve been a part of this community for 6 months now and was unsure how to initially contribute. After seeing the virtual badges and how my contributions increased my influence score, I felt encourage to contribute more. I hope the next era of changes will continue to encourage greater participation and hear from a variety of project managers.

Kiron, good idea of the T shirt

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