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Ask Me Anything: Project Management Communication

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Ask Me Anything: Project Management Communication

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Dear PM Community,

I'm wanting to try a new segment and would love to have you get involved! There has been a lot of great lessons learned /shared knowledge on platforms like Reddit on the topic of: I'm a Project Manager, Ask Me Anything (AMA). I wanted to try it on this site and see if this would be something that you'd like to try.

So, to start us off, I'll go first: I'm a Project Manager.... Ask me anything about Project Management Communication. 

Are you struggling with communication in your projects? Do you want to know my biggest faux paux that I've made in my career whilst communicating? Do you want to have tips for how to improve your own communication skills?

Ask them below! Let's share knowledge and learn something new!

- Emily

Posted by Emily Luijbregts on: May 17, 2021 12:00 AM | Permalink

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Thanks... But I need questions from the community to be able to answer! Please submit your answers here :-)

Hi Emily, what a great idea. I was coaching as a volunteer a group of students last year in cooperation with PMI Chapter Slovenia and US Embassy called Ready for the Future. Now I was thinking how to advance this and gather some best advice from experienced project managers. I wanted to ask/post a question but not sure if this would fit your idea. Remember when you started your career as a project manager? If you could now go back to talk to your younger self what would you say? What are the most important things you wish you knew or somebody would tell you?

Great initiative, Emily! I personally learn the most from stories of failure, so my question would be what are the 3 moments when you failed to communicate adequately and this resulted in project turbulence or total fiasco. Why this question? Because usually communication is seldom considered critical for any project's success. Can you prove them wrong, Emily?

Thank you all. I'll be answering these in the next few days so please submit your questions if you haven't already

Hi Emily,
Do you have any tips for kindly sharing alerts about project schedule and motivate stakeholders.
I am facing an issue where stakeholders are agressive because of approaching deadlines.

thanks all

Hi Emily
I would like to become a certified Scrum Master. In your opinion which is the best one to obtain first?
Thank you

what are your feelings on the lack of accredited providers by PMI?

Do you think it can lead to "kickbacks" by accepted PMI providers? By the way, I am Certifed Fraud Examiner.

I early await your feedback.

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