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Plan B. Another Path For Problem Solving And Innovation.

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Bas de Baar is a Dutch visual facilitator, creating visual tools for dialogue. He is dedicated to improve the dialogue we use to make sense of change. As The Project Shrink, this is the riddle he tries to solve: “If you are a Project Manager that operates for a short period of time in a foreign organization, with a global team you don’t know, in a domain you would not know, using virtual communication, high uncertainty, limited authority and part of what you do out in the open on the Internet, how do you make it all work?”

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Plan B. Another Path For Problem Solving And Innovation.

Last year I was part of a fun group of 8 that participated in “Plan B The Journey” as hosted by Daphne Depassé. “Plan B is just what it says. It’s another path. For problem solving and innovation.” And from October until December I experienced it’s simple and awesome power during this extensive course.

I drew this map as an overview of Plan B.

Plan B consists of 6+1 roles and 6+1 phases. And at the bottom of the map is Daphne’s story surrounding Plan B.

I really encourage you to browse around the website or read the post I wrote a earlier about 2 of the 6+1 roles: “The Set Designer And The Storyteller.

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Nice one, thanks!

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