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Let’s Meet Stéphane Parent…

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Let’s Meet Stéphane Parent…


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Stéphane Parent is the CEO of Leader Maker in Prince Edward Island, Canada, where he coaches and mentors future project leaders. He’s also one of the most engaged members of the community with more than 8,000 contributions and almost 140,000 people in his network.

You began your project management career managing a team of information system specialists for a human resources unit. Given we were the most technological staff in the unit, we were called to lead and execute projects such as choosing software, install networks and develop technological solutions. As the team leader, I became the project manager.

What do you love most about the work? Project management allows you to blend management and technical. I’ve managed units of technical staff. It’s not the same as managing projects with technical staff.

What do you find most challenging? Projects can only be delivered by people, for people. It’s inevitable that the biggest challenge in project management is people. We talk about projects being unique. So are people. No two persons are the same. Don’t underestimate the amount of work to support and encourage your clients, your team members and other affected parties.

Does your approach change depending on the country or organization you’re working in? To a certain degree. You must deal with different cultures, idioms and approaches. No matter the project or the country, I concentrate on meeting the needs of the people.

What's your proudest professional achievement? Completing the Distinguished Toastmaster award. I joined Toastmasters in 2007. It took me 10 years to complete all the projects necessary.

What's the best piece of advice you've received or can share? I have something to learn from every person I meet. This influences all my personal and professional decisions.

How has helped you in your work and career? It is my project management community. It allows me to reach out to fellow and future project management practitioners across the world. The webinars are a tremendous help in keeping my four PMI certifications up to date. I enjoy sharing experiences. 

What interests do you have outside work? I enjoy singing, community theatre and reading. Oh … and, of course, Toastmasters!

What's your favorite TV show, artist or movie? My favorite TV show is Better Call Saul. My favorite artist is my actor/director daughter, Rebecca.

Best vacation? My best vacation was a two-month stay in Mexico after my high school graduation. We drove down from Gatineau, Quebec to Coxcatlán, San Luis Potosí. We stayed in a catholic mission as we were meant to experience the missionary life. As a teenager, I found it humbling to see the richness in the people and their community.

To connect with Stéphane Parent, visit his profile.


This interview was conducted by Kelley Hunsberger.

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Rami Kaibni
Community Champion
Senior Projects Manager | Field & Marten Associates New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Stephane is a great member of this community.

Luis Branco CEO| Business Insight, Consultores de Gestão, Ldª Carcavelos, Lisboa, Portugal
Dear Aaron
Very interesting the initiative to introduce us to one of the most active members of the PMI Project Management community

Nice to get to know you a little better, dear Stéphane

Stéphane Parent Self Employed / Semi-retired| Leader Maker Prince Edward Island, Canada
Thank you, Aaron, for asking me to share in this peerspective. Thank you all in the community for keeping it vibrant and inviting.

Aaron Smith Editor - | PMI| PMI Los Angeles, Ca, USA
Thanks for all you do Stephane!

Shanos Kunhahamu Product Manager, Mobile Wallet| First Abu Dhabi Bank Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Thanks for sharing your experience Stéphane.

Eduard Hernandez
Community Champion
Senior Project Manager| Prothya Biosolutions Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wow, I had no idea you can sing. Hve you used that skill in any of your projects? :-)

Yasmina Khelifi Senior Project Manager| ORANGE Paris, France
Stephane is an amazing member of this community. thank you for sharing your knowledge! take care Yasmina

WALUFU EVANS Project Manager| Casey Foundation Kampala, Central Uganda, Uganda
Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Stéphane Parent Self Employed / Semi-retired| Leader Maker Prince Edward Island, Canada
Sort of, Eduard. On some of the projects, we had social events where singing was required. I usually was the designated singer.

I did some of my Toastmasters projects about my music theatre experience. Often, I would sing a short part of it to give them a taste of the performance.(I may do one when I played Balthazar from Amhal and the Night Visitors.)

Corey Tatum Bumlife2Bomblife Management| PeepDaSlan9 Las Vegas, Nv, USA
Great read

Eduin Fernando Valdes Alvarado Project Manager| F y F Fabricamos Futuro Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia
Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Sarmad Azhar Managing Member| Azhar Consulting, LLC Aubrey, Tx, USA
It takes a lot of courage to share your thoughts and perspective publicly

Vagner Antonio da Silva São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Thanks for sharing your facets, Mr. Parent. The PM community improves a lot with your presence and contributions which inspires everyone.

Michael Coleman Memphis, Tn, USA
Thanks very much for this data, Stephane.

Linda Mullally Project Manager, Consultant| Seeking next role and freelancing Ma, USA
Amazing experiences, thank you for sharing!

Latha Thamma reddi Sr Product and Portfolio Management (Automation Innovation)| DXC Technology Mckinney, Tx, USA
Thanks for your service!

Latha Thamma reddi Sr Product and Portfolio Management (Automation Innovation)| DXC Technology Mckinney, Tx, USA
Very interesting thanks for sharing

Piotr Hajnus Poland
Thank you for sharing your story of a project manager’s journey.

Zohaib Qadir System Administrator Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)| Peshawar Institute of Cardiology Peshawar, Kpk, Pakistan
Thank You For Sharing

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