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Did you ever have the feeling that project management could be used to help young people in their school and home lives? Or maybe you thought schools should have something to help children manage their school projects. Or maybe you thought it should even be part of the school curriculum. Do you have a vision of using simplified materials to help kids learn, or to help teachers understand the power of project management so they can convey it to their students? This blog will provide insight into experiences the writers have had or observed while developing young leaders—and will help you with locating and using materials to help you succeed with developing our young future leaders through the use of project management concepts.

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A New Collaborative Blog

A New Collaborative Blog

A New Collaborative Blog

Welcome to our newly minted Blog, Project Management for Future Leaders. It was created because of some enthusiastic discussions among several graduates of the PMI LIMC (Leadership Institute Master Class).

It all came about late last year in November. Titi Park asked, “Can anyone recommend any material/books for teaching kids project management?” Several people responded, citing the PMI Educational Foundation as a great source. As it turned out, Titi is the PMIEF Liaison for her PMI chapter, so already knew all about PMIEF, PMI’s foundation for spreading ideas and materials about project management to students in schools, non-for-profit agencies and for providing scholarships to students of project management.

The Whatsapp group chat we use as LIMC grads lit up with suggestions.

Rochelle suggested contacting the Turkish chapters about a presentation at a Region meeting where they showed how they taught project management to young kids. The Work Breakdown Structure was shown as a tree, with branches, the schedule as a calendar and reporting based on red, orange, green using coloured paper on cd envelopes with a circular window. These simple ideas made it easy for primary school kids to understand and use the concepts. Ideas for teacher engagement and selling the concept to school boards were also cited as being very useful.

Others recommended the PMI Mile Hi Chapter in Denver since they initiate projects at inner city schools, offer scholarship for students to progress in project management, and even mentor and coach students through school and into university.

Sarina recommended contacting Stefano and Walter at the Northern Italy Chapter. This chapter, and Walter in particular, have been very involved with PMIEF and the creation of a PM handbook and unique tools for students. Walter has also co-written a book published by PMIEF called “Project Management for Education - The Bridge to 21st Century Learning”.

Allan Mills, has  just finished a 6-year term on the PMIEF Board of Directors, including a year as Chair. Allan has enjoyed being involved in the rapid expansion of PMIEF to enable teachers and students achieve more through project management. He is looking forward to sharing his personal first-hand experiences and describing how PMIEF has impacted lives around the world.

Andres let us know that the Argentine government added a Social Community Project to the high school curriculum for 17/18 year olds: a mandatory program starting in 2017. He was invited to teach for the Colegio ICEI school and accepted. This is the only school in Argentina using PM-based teaching and will soon be the first Spanish-speaking school to take the PMIEF Badging exam. Andres has been using PMIEF materials to supplement his own experiences along with some books and videos on using PM for social good. He also mentioned that two past presidents of PMI Nuevo Cuyo chapter did a lot of work with the school CEO and principal including meetings, workshop with teachers (Pablo former student of the school) and Gustavo (his daughters study there). They have been engaged in almost four years of “ant” work (trabajo de hormiga, meaning little by little).

Paulo said that in Calgary, Canada they are using PMIEF Skills for Life and Tower Challenges along with a planning tool called the Project Management Canvas. Several LIMCers expressed interest in seeing a presentation on this simple yet useful tool for kids and non for profit organizations.

Agnieszka Krogulec from the PMI Poland Chapter offered to share lessons learned on project management kids camp and pm@schools, as did Titi Park.

Stefano let us know that a Primary School Kit was created in Italy, and that the Northern Italy Chapter Past President and PMI Fellow, Walter Ginevri is the “father of the kit”, which is now owned by PMIEF and is being used by children all over the world. For over ten years, PMI-NIC conduct a Projects in Bloom Festival with hundreds of children, parents and teachers, demonstrating the light part of project management. Stefano offered support and directions to mentor and highly recommends Walter’s Primary School Kit.

I read with great interest all the fabulous discussion about PMIEF and how project management can be such a valuable tool for kids. I suggested there might be benefit to blogging about this on in a collaborative blog format. Several people raised their [virtual] hands! And here we are, just starting up our new blog where we will post items every few weeks.

Please allow me to introduce you to our international collaborative blog team, listed in random order:

  • Naeem Iqbal (LIMC 2015)

Naeem is from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a passionate Project Management Professional with 20 years of experience who truly believes in enabling people to achieve common objectives. He wanted to blog here to help youth optimally utilize their potential, organise their lives, lead a happy life and be better citizens.

Naeem plans to blog about why kids should be interested in project management, the tools that are available to youth, how to excel in school and how to better manage time.

  • Allan Mills (LIMC 2005)

Allan is from Maryland, USA. He has worked in the Project Management field for over twenty seven years in Government, IT, Entertainment and Banking. His most current passion, and recent certification acquired, is Scaled Agile, and he coaches organizations implementing the Scaled Agile framework (SAFe). Allan was the 2015 Chair of the PMI – Educational Foundation (PMIEF) Board of Directors and was on the board since 2012. His other PMI experience includes PMI Region 5 Mentor and President of the North Carolina Chapter in 2003. Allan has been married for 22 years to Jeanne and has a daughter Eva 21 and son Arran 18, both in college. He loves the idea of partnering with experts in project based learning such as the Buck Institute, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Destination Imagination, and Junior Achievement. He looks forward to sharing stories about the impact on children and the teachers and hopes to inspire sharing and implementation of these programs.

Allan wants to blog about enabling skills through project-based learning, how PMIEF is working with the Buck Institute, how students are more engaged in school through Project Management and how a PMI chapter can increase their programs for the good of society..

  • Adilson Pize  (LIMC 2013)

Adilson Pize lives in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. An enthusiast of project management, he is a consultant, teacher, writer and speaker. He created the SPCanvas (Strategic Planning Canvas) and PSACanvas (Project Strategic Alignment Canvas) methods. He loves volunteering and has done so for PMI since 2003 in several chapter and PMI Global roles. He feels everyone has the power to be what they desire to be and to achieve their dreams. He wants to help young people realize their dreams and goals through projects and project management. He feels as agents of change, young people  can understand how they can transform their future and the future of others for the better. Adilson is passionate about sports, movies and books. His parents, younger sister and girlfriend are all supporters in his life.

Adilson wishes to blog about the power young people have to transform their lives, careers, organizations and nations through project management.

  • Titi Park (LIMC 2015)

Titi Park is from Lagos, Nigeria. She has a passion for empowering young women especially, and  youths in general, through project management. She wants to blog about her experiences and perspectives in the area of youth empowerment through Project Management. Her goal is to  inspire others and, in particular, Africans, as she feels the continent has many things that are different from area of the world that can be improved through project management. She hopes that others will start with little activities to immediately influence their communities through project management.

She is happily married to Gordon, her biggest cheerleader, for 16 years and counting.

Titi is looking forward to blogging on “The Project Manager in the Mirror” and “Project Management as a life skill”.

  • Agnieszka Krogulec (LIMC 2017)

Agnieszka lives in Poland. She has over 15 years of experience in financial, gas and oil, telecom and real estate. Her projects have included organizational and human-capital development. Her experience in training delivery makes her a great candidate to mentor and coach and mentor young people in the use of project management to improve their lives.  Agnieszka is an  active member of the PMI Poland Chapter and is passionate about social leadership to change the world for the better.

  • Sanjay Kumar  (LIMC 2017)

Sanjay lives in Tampa/St. Petersburg, USA. He is an IT Project Manager, Architect and PMP, and has worked for over 15 years with Fortune 500 companies. He is VP of Strategic Projects for his PMI chapter and has responsibilities for outreach programs. He enjoys working in highly highly complex projects being run in multiple countries. Multicultural, multi-vendor onshore and offshore are the order of the day for Sanjay.

Agnieszka and Sanjay were not able to provide as much detail as the other members of our team did due to work commitments, but we will introduce them more fully in a future article.

  • Mike Frenette (LIMC 2015)

That’s me: the author of this first post. I’ll use the first person since talking about myself in the third person will just feel weird. I live in Halifax, Canada with my wife, Sue. Our kids (well, they used to be kids) are also geographically dispersed. Marie (Seoul), Mike Jr. (Vancouver) and Liam (Halifax). Some aspects of project management are infiltrating their lives for some reason.

For my paid work, I manage the PMO in the Engineering and IS department of a water utility and worked prior to that as an PM/IT consultant for many years. I have volunteered with PMI pretty much continuously since 1999 in both local and global roles. I always say that volunteering gets in your blood.

I suggested this blog when I witnessed all the enthusiasm in the LIMC Alumni Whatsapp group that brings together almost a hundred LIMC graduates from many areas around the world. I have enjoyed being a mentor and coach for decades, and feel that working with young people to help them understand project management is a natural extension of this predilection. But work of this nature cannot be done by a few individuals. It can be accomplished only by many geographically dispersed groups of avidly passionate people, of which this group of bloggers is only a very small part. We hope we can help PMIEF and similar organizations spread the word and feel this blog will encourage others to dive in and take part.

Like my blogging colleagues, my plan is to write about empowering youth through project management and to shine a light on the great work done by organizations like PMI Chapters and PMIEF.

We are all very excited to get started, and have already planned some topics. But please feel free to make suggestions in the comments area below about how to encourage youths to learn about project management and we will add them to our list of possible blog topics.

Onward and upward!


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