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The digital economy has fueled executive appetite for transformation. This blog highlights the challenges and opportunities of orchestrating digital business transformation successfully. It covers a broad range of transformation topics—from digital business models and innovation, through to transformation mindsets and value creation.

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Transformation Management


About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share insights and experiences that relate to the art and science of transformation management. An endeavour popularised by the term 'digital transformation' but one that is often tackled in ways that result in little if any legitimate transformation of the business - in the context of the new digital economy.

Seasoned project and program managers are often uniquely positioned with a wealth of relevant experience to help orchestrate transformation. Because few other professionals have a better understanding of a sense of urgency, delivery, and change than seasoned project and program managers.

This blog is designed to inspire the community to complement their traditional experience, with new knowledge of other topics that are critical for the successful orchestration of digital business transformation. Ultimately to work more closely with the senior executives that are charged with ensuring their organisations survive and thrive in the new economy.

If transformation interests you, you can look forward to one new post here every week.


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