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Risk Management for Complex Projects

Project risk is a common threat to complex projects, and the track record of cost and time overruns is well documented. In this blog, risk management methods and tools are proposed according to the project type, project complexity, and environmental factors. Project risks and opportunities will be identified and analyzed, then risk response plans will be implemented in order to decrease the negative risk impacts. The risk management strategy can be agile or conventional, based on the project objectives and corporate strategy.

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About this Blog

Dr. Esra Tepeli has a civil engineering background with a double major in project and risk management. She obtained her Ph.D. in the field of construction project management and risk management at the University of Bordeaux. During her Ph.D., she worked on project and risk management for complex and strategic construction projects, especially Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), design- build-maintenance and transportation projects, in cooperation with a major French construction company. Her Ph.D. thesis consists of the development of a formalized and systematic risk management process in a complex project environment. After her Ph.D., she started working as an academic member and she has taught a variety of construction management and project management courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Her research and teaching activities deal with project and risk management, construction management and building information modeling. She is an author and co-author of several peer-reviewed scientific articles, conference papers, and books including “Risk Analysis in Early Phase of Complex Infrastructure Projects”, “Risk Management Keys for Complex Construction Projects”. Besides her academic career, Dr. Tepeli is working as a project and risk management consultant in the private sector. Dr. Tepeli is also an active PMI member, instructor in the PMI Training program, having conducted project management mentoring and outreach projects, and has presented at global conferences and various events held by numerous chapters.



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