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Check Your Project Management Approach

Topics: Estimating
Are you a project manager seeking to improve your project management approach? You could probably stand to do some self-checking about how you really strategize, plan and manage your projects. This checklist asks the pointed questions and encourages you to assess what you do well and not so well. For example, are you aware of what is happening throughout your own organization, with the customer and with the competition and suppliers? Do you develop achievable objectives, including realistic cost, schedule and performance estimates? Do you let team members set their own schedules for achieving their tasks and milestones, within the greater framework of the project schedule? Do you break project goals into manageable pieces that are represented by milestones? Just a few of the many questions in this checklist to help you take a closer look at your style and the adjustments you need to make to increase your chances of success on your current and future projects.

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