Project Management

Program Management Office Charter


Format: Proposal / Report

This PMO charter template is perfect for a program-specific PMO. This PMO might be one among multiple PMOs in the organization, created to manage a single significant effort. This clean and straightforward six-page charter defines the role, purpose and functions of the PMO. It articulates who the PMO's sponsors and customers are, the services that it offers, and the staffing and support structures required to deliver those services. The charter is not the project plan for developing the PMO, but instead the statement of what the PMO will do once it is developed.

Table of Contents

1 PMO Statement Of Purpose
1.1 Mandate
1.2 Background
1.3 Organizational Context
2 Customers & Stakeholders
2.1 Customers
2.1 Stakeholders
3 Services Offerings
3.1 Overview
3.2 For Each Service
4 PMO Structure
4.1 PMO Structure Chart
4.2 Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Authorities
5 PMO Success Profile
5.1 Critical Success Factors
5.2 Measures Of Success

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