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Effort-Based Project Forecasting Workbook


Format: Evaluation Form / Report

The included sections describe the manual and automated steps performed to be able to display the included graph. The workbook consists of four interdependent spreadsheets, ordered with the most used first:

Read Me--containing instructions for tool usage
Project Status and Forecast--main page, summarizing all detailed data from the other spreadsheets
Status Reporting--used to track the percent complete for each activity in the schedule and calculate the project aggregated percent complete.
Project Plan--populated when the project planning is complete, equivalent of a project baseline.
Task_Export_Table--working spreadsheet for importing data from other tools such as MS Project.

This workbook--used in conjunction with the Effort-Based Project Forecasting article and sample project plan--can be used standalone or can be populated from a project management software such as MS Project. It requires as input a project schedule with all activities having a defined start and end time, duration and scheduled effort (based on duration, resources and allocation percentage). For exemplification, a simple software project template created in MS Project (included in the download) was used.

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