Project & Stakeholder Expectations Analysis Worksheets


Format: Evaluation Form

This workbook consists of several inter-related sheets:

  • The Project level worksheet is designed to provide a summary of stakeholder needs and expectations,
  • The stakeholder level worksheet provides specifics related to the expectations of each stakeholder and the criteria for successfully managing the relationship during and after the project is completed.
  • The dimensions worksheet helps you prioritize stakeholder needs and understand them a bit better.
  • The Possibilities sheet maps value to strategies, giving you a way forward.

Together these should serve as a starting point and are meant to be tailored by the PM as needed.  The goal of the worksheets is to provide the criteria for developing a Project Service Level Agreement for the overall project and for specific stakeholders as needed.


What will I get out of this?

Completing these worksheets will give you a complete view of stakeholder expectations and a plan for effectively dealing with each of them.

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