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Business Requirements Document: Customer/Client Sign-off Template


Format: Sign-off Form

All organizations have slightly different terminology and/or methods for tracking the creation, review and approval of project documentation throughout the lifecycle. This template is developed based on executing projects across various following types of projects/firms/environments. The goal of organizations and projects when it comes to tracking sign-off is that it’s about Who, What, When and Why. This template helps you stay on top of all of them. Use this in conjunction with the Business Requirements Report Template to help streamline the process.

This template assists in the following:

  • Maintenance of consistency, clarity and understanding of what was reviewed, what was approved and therefore what is being used for subsequent  work activities
  • Scope of Sign-off: Recognizes that, especially on large projects, not all approvers need to approve “everything”; there is a limit to what a single person can be responsible for, and so approvers are responsible for their applicable areas and functions
  • In addition, for this to be valid, it assumes the document is in sufficient shape with the appropriate detail and definitions to help reviewers and approvers identify their applicable areas and functions

You often find that the organizations still using BRDs (as there has been a significant uptick in traditional financial services moving from Waterfall to Agile, where BRDs are not used) will generally have a split between the “business side” Business Analyst and the IT Business Analyst. This template also captures that split, as well as how the functions overlap (e.g., for a BRD the IT Business Analyst is not just a reviewer but should be an approver since they need to confirm their understanding as this is the baseline document for them to continue their work in functional analysis and/or technical specifications).

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