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The intention of the proposed RAID Log template is to consolidate all of the key reporting elements for stakeholders into one place. This may not be as powerful as some of the dashboards presented in COTS PM software; however, it helps for those who do not have access to such software. This document can be archived to the project database upon completion of the project for organization learning via knowledge management software.

  • Risks spreadsheet: This spreadsheet tries to capture the key elements about risks related to the projects for further tracking. It does not need to have every detail, just enough for reporting to stakeholders.
  • Actions spreadsheet: This spreadsheet tries to consolidate all of the action items from various meetings. A simple Excel sheet is what I used to track and monitor actions items.
  • Issues spreadsheet: This is used to track any issues related to the project. This is not intended to be used for technical product-related issues (for example, issues with resourcing, vendors, etc.).
  • Decisions spreadsheet: This spreadsheet captures all of the decisions that were taken or made during the project. Decisions that are on the table and taken (and their impact on the project) need to be documented for future learning on other projects.

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